Monday, November 22, 2004

Five hunters killed in Wisconsin woods - - Five hunters killed in Wisconsin woods - Nov 22, 2004 "This kinda thing doesn't happen around here".That was a quote from a family member of the victims. I love it when people seem so shocked that violence doesn't just happen to somebody else.This guy that did the shooting is just following the example of the U.S. government. When America is not happy with what others are doing We bomb them or invade them.So I can understand why this guy decided He should shoot everybody. It is only logical or ? Americans are a warrior nation and when You live by the gun You die by the gun. So for all You outraged people have mercy on this poor man and find him not guilty because after all He was just doing what he has been taught from the actions of the government and what He sees coming from Hollywood and the media. I am curious why Americans are afraid of a few Islamic terrorist when Americans murders over 16,000 of there own people every year. America should be afraid of America . This is by no means a call for weapon control no I am urging that America does some soul searching . Maybe every person in America should take martial arts classes and make it mandatory for everyone. Then maybe with self discipline America would be a well protected land and a lot less violent against themselves. Peace Greg

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Democrat or Republican You gotta find this funny.Received this today from a friend in Texas.Had Me laughing my ass off.Hope You like it. Peace Greg Posted by Hello

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Pulp Politicians

Want a good laugh? Check this link out.Pulp Politicians Had Me laughing.But then again I have a twisted sense of humor. Peace Greg

Monday, November 08, 2004


Well G.W. and posse won. I guess things can only get better now.(Smile)Looks like abortion will be abolished in the next four years,Thank god for the religous right. I guess the sale of coat hangers will sky rocket . It is a good time to invest in those stocks. In the Sports world N.E. Patriots were beaten last week by the Steelers.But hey they came back today and kicked ass against the Rams.Last but not least Boston Red Sox are still World Champions.