Saturday, August 21, 2004

Vacation Update

Hi All, long time no updates.I spent the better part of this week in Berlin and Potsdam . My Brother and I did all those tourist things.We had a good time.I think Berlin is lacking though when You compare it to the Likes of London,New York or Paris.Very cheap though in comparison to those other cities.The service side of Berlin is seriously lacking,like the rest of Germany the service just about everywhere We went was terrible.
Potsdam was really worth visiting though.The entire Fussganger zone has been all redeveloped and the gardens were beautiful.I saw a couple of hotels I want to stay at when My wife and I visit later this year.The prices are much cheaper in comparison with Berlin. Kerwa (Kirchweih) has started this weekend in Memmelsdorf.The children are all excited because they get to stay up late and receive money from all the relatives which is immediately spent on things they will break before the day is out.For You non Germans this is like a small Octoberfest celebrating the churches founding.On Sunday morning the mass is held in the Bier tent and when the Mass is over the drinking and eating starts. Peace Greg