Sunday, October 17, 2004

Iraq convoy balkers detained

Omaha.comEver since I read this story on Thursday it has bothered Me.I spent eight years in the army.I never encountered a squad that refused to do its mission.I personally think all 19 soldiers should be court martialed.If You don't have the right equipment in the army You are taught to over come and others words for all You civilians it is simply get over it and do Your job.I don't know about the rest of You but if I was in one of those M-1 or Bradley and My tank ran out of fuel I would be looking to kill somebody. In the American army You don't have time to worry about Your own ass, if You are given a mission it is a essential part of a big picture.The task has to be completed no discussion except to hammer out the details.Rag bags like these idiots should be shot for cowardnice.Does not matter what your job is in the army You are a soldier first.No ands ifs or buts about it. Peace Greg