Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Just think about it.

Why is it that We are driven to want things We don't need.Why Do our kids need $200 Nikes when $15 Walmart shoes last just as long.We are controlled by the Media,that goes for all forms of Media.The next question is who owns these Media outlets?Most people don't stop to think about these things because they are So stressed dealing with life.Workin over time or that second job so You can have that Plasma T.V. or that new swimming pool or that second car.What is funny though even though You have achieved Your goal and obtained that next Jones item to make Your neighbors envy You,You don't have enough time to enjoy it You gotta work all day rush home clean the house take the kids to all there after school activities still gotta cook dinner make time for your spouse even if it is to yell about the credit card bill or blame each other for fu*§&§ each others lives up.You are being manipulated slowly but surely.You buy with Your credit card and all Your junk mail is advertisement gained from your credit card information.You search on the internet and all the pop up adds are directed at You.You want to travel now well we want Your fingerprints and a retina scan put on Your passport,soon they will want to put chips in us at birth so You can always be identified.Of course the excuse will be well if Your child is kidnapped We will be able to find them quicker.They feed off Your fears.Fears that they have been feeding You to make You believe . Why is it all of a sudden America needs a draft?We have been promoting a volunteer army for over 25 years?If We are leaving Iraq soon why are even the democrats addressing a draft?Is America fighting another ground war We don't know about? Why isn't anybody bothered about this?I haven't come across any negative reports in the normal media about this.Why is that? May be nothing but something to think about.You ever watch Cops? Why are all the bad guys black?I personally no more white criminals then black ones.Why does the Media want You to believe that the black Man is Your enemy.Statistics Prove that almost all crimes against whites are committed by whites.For all You weapon advocates Guns kill.only the police and the Military need weapons.It does make good population control for the poor and does generate jobs.Well enough of that was just a thought