Tuesday, September 21, 2004


I just got done watching various short clips of beheading from Iraq. Though disturbing I have to wonder at the outrage. More then one year has gone bye since the first beheading started. I just ask what is going through these civilians heads from the west. Why are You there? Greed. They want to make that quick $350.000. I could feel sorry for the first couple of guys but now I can't feel one bit sorry.Look at what these guys have done to there families, Sorrow and what ifs for the rest of there lives. Westerners have a hard time understanding these acts but it is not a secret that when You are captured You are going to pay the price. My advice to all You money hungry Yahoo's stay at home so I don't have to watch Your wife and child beg for Your life. The money is not worth it. Wake up world Iraq is getting ready to implode. The military can't even protect itself, they are suffering because of bad judgment calls from the Great number one leader. Hail George Bush. Peace Greg