Monday, September 13, 2004

Duncan's World

The world according to Duncan. I am still flogging myself as of today, How could I forget to mention September 11th on my Blog? Well I didn't remember April 19th either. If You check his web link He was either really drunk or He is a real patriot. I hope He was drunk. Duncan will of course say," I was trying to be sarcastic." and He was but He meant every word that He wrote. You know that was three years ago and the terrorists who committed the crime are all dead. Why should We remember ? Terrorism whether committed by the American military in foreign lands or from Israel on the Palestinians will never end. Might makes right. So if You drop 2000 lb bombs in civilian areas and then announce that it was regrettable that makes it ok, But if You don't own those type of weapons and You put a bomb in a car and kill policemen You are a terrorist? Because Might makes right. I sure wish I was as intellectual and naive as My friend Duncan. I can only hope some day my eyes and understanding will be clouded once again that I will follow My fascist leader blindly and then say to myself those were terrorist they deserved everything they got. I really don't like the direction that the world is going right now. I hope that clear understanding and not Revenge will lead us into the future. It is very ironic how history always repeats itself. Peace Greg