Friday, June 25, 2004

Check the simple things

I have had a problem with My media player version 9 for two and half weeks now.No sound.checked my speakers settings,checked the speaker loudness everything fine .I played all my other various type of media players they all worked fine.Must be this Windows shit.(lol) So I deinstalled reinstalled still didn't work.Checked for updates,did a virus scan.Then A good friend of mine who always answers evrything with a wise crack asked," did You check the mute key?" I answer of course Lol.The mute key looked normal,too bad in settings You can chek on the mute and guess what then Your media player has no sound.So for all You other so called computer experts who gave me advice and checkrd my system DUHH,thx anyway.I am now enjoying My internet radio again. Thanks again Joe.